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Car Maintenance



Why should you perform regular maintenance on your car?

Regular preventive maintenance on your vehicle is the best and most economical way to keep it operating at its optimal peak. It is for the safety as well as to prevent unnecessary costly repairs due to lack of care.

Just like everything else in life. A little TLC will go a long way!

Here at ALL-TEK Automotives we perform the following services and more ................

  • * Check/replace the engine oil and oil filter
  • * Check/replace fuel filter
  • * Inspect or replace windscreen wipers
  • * Check and refill windshield washer fluid
  • * Inspect tyres for pressure and wear 
  • * Tyre balancing
  • * Tyer rotation
  • * Wheel alignment
  • * Check, clean or replace battery terminals and top up battery fluid
  • * Inspect or replace brake pads and replace or machine discs
  • * Check or flush brake fluid
  • * Check or flush and service transmission
  • * Check or flush power steering fluid
  • * Check and flush engine coolant
  • * Inspect or replace spark plugs
  • * Inspect or replace air filter
  • * Inspect or replace timing belt and other drive belts
  • * lubricate locks and hinges
  • * Check all lights replace as necessary
  • * Check if rubber boots are cracked and need replacement
  • * Test electronic system for good operation
  • * Scan test fault codes from the engine control unit